May 2020 Favourites

June 17, 2020 in Lifestyle

The good news is we’re another month closer to saying good riddance to 2020 aka possibly the worst year of our lives. Bad news is we’re still in lockdown and Matt’s furlough has been extended yet again. But things are starting to shift a little and we’re getting closer to that ‘new normal’.

So what did we get up to in May? Well…

  • We’ve started going to the park or shops together as a family.
  • I’ve started my weight loss journey – 4 lb loss so far!
  • Mini outgrew his Oyster 2 buggy so we had to replace it. There aren’t many options for tots over 15kg so we did some research and ended up buying the Silver Cross Zest which we love!
  • We booked a 2021 UK holiday to replace our cancelled 2020 holiday. (Update: we cancelled our 2021 holiday too!)
  • I read 10 books and completed my Goodreads Challenge for 2020!

Let’s take a closer look at some of the things I loved this month, shall we?

Captain Marvel

Confession: I haven’t watched most of the MCU movies. But it’s okay because I’ve recently started watching them in chronological order.

I absolutely loved Captain Marvel. It was super empowering while also being this heart-warming tale of friendship, truth, justice and the power within us all. Plus it’s hilariously witty – I adored the scenes between Talos, Fury and the Flerken especially.

Since I’d watched so few MCU films, the Nick Fury character was somewhat of an enigma to me but Captain Marvel answered most of the questions I had about him.

Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich

Netflix docuseries, gotta love ’em right? I actually knew very little about the Epstein scandal. Just that there was a scandal, that it involved sex crimes and that he supposedly committed suicide. Now I’ve only managed to squeeze in 2 episodes so far but I love the way that Netflix always approach these subjects with a ‘here’s what you think, here’s what we know’ attitude and this series is no different.


My second Netflix pick of the month was BBC drama, PRESS, which is centred around two newspapers with very different approaches and values. One champions truth and justice . The other will exploit anybody and everybody just to sell papers.

Now I have to admit that I felt like I couldn’t relate to any of the characters but I liked that every character was multi-dimensional with different traits, histories, strengths and weaknesses. Each episode was thrilling in its own way which made it easy to watch so yeah, worth adding to your watch list if you’re running out of things to watch.

Schitt’s Creek (s6)

I’ve spoken in the past about how amazing Schitt’s Creek is but I had to talk about the show’s final season because *sob* it was wonderful. This season was largely focused on the Rose family’s hopes and dreams for the future. The best thing about Schitt’s Creek is you’re always left feeling like your heart is full.


My Favorite Murder Minisodes

MFM are a pretty well-known true crime podcast but I don’t really listen to their episode-episodes if you get me? I’m all about the minisodes. I love the 20 minutes or so of real life stories from listeners who have a true crime story to share that’s personal to them. I just can’t get enough of them!

The Doll House
by Phoebe Morgan

Okay so this book was not at all what I was expecting. It’s about a woman who is struggling to get pregnant and basically parts of her childhood doll house start turning up in her home and workplace. Naturally, her family and friends are super dismissive because she’s had mental health issues in the past.

Now this was actually a really interesting read because I was suspicious of literally everyone which made it difficult for there to be a shock reveal. But it was a great story. The ending alone was easily one of the best I’ve ever read and I’m dying to know what happened next.

Content warnings: Infertility, cruelty to animals, child abuse, gaslighting, violence and murder

The Weight of Lies
by Emily Carpenter

Keeping with the creepy book vibe, this one was one of the creepiest I’ve ever read. It’s about the daughter of a horror writer who is approached to write a tell-all memoir about her mother. But in doing so, she finds herself on a remote island and things start getting really weird. Pages from the mother’s horror novel are woven in, giving you teeny pieces of the puzzle which was a nice touch.

It was twisted and atmospheric and I’ve honestly never read anything quite like it. I had no idea what was happening for most of the book and the final twist at the end literally left me speechless. 

Content warnings: Scalping, violence and murder, filicide

That’s a wrap on this month’s recap! I was going to do a May reading wrap-up but on July 1st I’ll be sharing a wrap-up of every book I read in the first half of 2020 so it seemed redundant. If you like books, you won’t want to miss it!

Featured Image: sharonjoy17 from pixabay

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