Goodbye Nashville: Thoughts On The Hit TV Show’s Finale

August 17, 2018 in Entertainment
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It’s been a week since Sky aired the final episode of Nashville and many people, myself included, tuned in to say their goodbyes to a great show. I knew immediately that I wanted to share some of my thoughts and feelings so that’s exactly what I’m going to do.

*Spoilers ahead – read at your own risk*

My Thoughts on Nashville’s Finale

When I started watching Nashville, I was put off by the unrelatable, larger than life characters. And yet, I grew to love each and every one.

They had all had their flaws, their traumas, their demons. They were so unique that over time, my perceptions changed. By the end, they were all human to me. Even more so, they were family.

I loved that even characters like Juliette and Maddie who were long-term drama magnets finally found their place and peace in the world. That Deacon, who I’ve always considered to be my favourite, got to make peace with his demons at long last.

I found myself mesmerised by all of these interwoven stories. The beautiful melancholy of previous heartaches being cast away, opening the gates to a brighter future. Not just for some, but for everyone.

So in my opinion, it was fitting that ‘A Life That’s Good’ should be the bow tying it all neatly together for one last time. Yes, it broke me but it broke me in the best way.

I loved that it left us with the message that we are all humans, we all mess up and that love, in any of its forms, is a work in progress.

During my time as a fan of Nashville, I changed a lot too. My demons have been exorcised and my life has changed for the better. I guess I managed to have a life that’s good too.

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