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December 2, 2019 in Lifestyle

Hello and happy holiday season! I planned to do Blogmas this year but you know, best laid plans and all that. (TMI: I threw up.) So instead of a festive post, today I’ll be wrapping up all the things I enjoyed in October and November because I’m really behind when it comes to my monthly favourites post. (Sorry!)


Our Wedding

Almost 3 years after getting engaged, we finally did it! I am officially a wife. We tied the knot at the end of October surrounded by our family and friends and it was honestly the most wonderful day. We’re both so grateful to everyone who came down to Dorset to celebrate with us.


Disneyland Paris

The time between our wedding and our Disney-moon felt like no time at all. We arrived back home a few days ago after an amazing 5 days at DLP. Being able to share the magic with Matt and Mini is a memory I will cherish forever.

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Meeting Pluto at Disneyland Paris

An Anonymous Girl
By Greer Hendricks & Sarah Pekkanen

I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect going into this book, just that it’s highly recommended by thriller-lovers. And honestly, it is a really engrossing read!

It’s largely about what people will do when they’re pushed to their limits. (We all have them!) There were a few moments when it felt like my heart was in my throat which is definitely a good sign – I think? Anyway the duo have a few other titles available so I’m looking forward to reading those and hope they’re of a similar calibre.

The Woman in the Window
by A.J. Finn

Dare I say it’s one of the best books I’ve ever read. Genuinely not surprised that it’s already been adapted to film because it is a breath-taking thriller and I’m excited about being able to experience it in a different way.

Naturally I was drawn in by the Rear Window style plot because that’s basically my Kryptonite. But this book goes so much further than that. Its main character is an agoraphobic psychologist who is hooked on old thriller movies and witnesses something she probably shouldn’t have. There are a lot of twists including one I didn’t see coming at all.


Little Darlings
By Melanie Golding

This book was more than a little unsettling but I loved it. I needed the closure so much that I raced through it and if you gave me the opportunity, I would talk about this book for hours. I could relate so deeply to many of the book’s themes; birth trauma, post-natal anxiety, that permanent feeling that something bad will happen to your child and of course, invalidation of emotions.

It’s about a new mum who becomes convinced that her twins have been replaced with changelings. Yeah, I know. But honestly, it is so so good.


Notes on a Nervous Planet
by Matt Haig

I don’t read non-fiction often enough but I just had to read this one. Why? Because I suffer from generalised anxiety disorder and quite frankly, the world scares me. There, I said it. 

While reading NOANP, I found myself relating to these discussions about how the world as we know it actually contributes to our anxieties. I felt like my feelings were being validated with each and every page which made for a wonderful reading experience in my opinion.


How to Get Away with Murder (s5)

Now that I’ve finished this season of HTGAWM I felt obligated to talk about it again. Can we talk about that finale for a second? My goodness. It was so intense. And so much happened in such a short space of time.

I have some suspicions about things not being the way they’re presented to be. Like, I’m sort of hoping that’s the case? Because otherwise *screams*. I really want to spoil it for myself and look up what happens in season 6 because I know you lucky people in the US already have it – but I won’t. I’ll wait patiently, I promise.


Goosebumps 2

I was a big Goosebumps fan as a kid so I was pretty excited to finally watch Goosebumps 2. While I wouldn’t give it 5 stars, it was still a very enjoyable film. I thought that the Mr Chu character was a very nice touch and I’m sure many Goosebumps fans felt the same.


Quantico (s3)

When I first started watching season 3 of Quantico, I found myself feeling bored and disinterested so when our Virgin box broke and we lost all our recordings including the latter half of this season, it didn’t feel like a huge loss but having now watched the last few episodes I can confirm that it was.

Sure it started off as a chaotic mess of cases for the black ops team but it finds its way towards a truly gripping storyline that had me hooked. I’m a little bit gutted that the show was cancelled and maybe even a little bit more so that Alex didn’t choose to settle down with Mike but I loved the decision that she did make.

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